Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi – The Face of A Tyrant

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The true nature of Muammar Gaddafi the Libyan Head of State has been unveiled following the unrest in his country and the demand by the people that he should vacate his position as the leader. Gaddafi who has been in power since 1969 suddenly lost his cool and decided to destroy his country, the wealth and the people of Libya instead of ceding power to anyone else.

He has told the world that he has the moral obligation to rule Libya. Is this moral obligation self-imposed or does he have any divine instructions from Allah to do so? That Gaddafi is power-drunk is no longer news; but what marvels everyone is the level to which he has taken his desperate resolve to remain in power.

The old tyrant is determined to hold tenaciously to the reins of power and is prepared to sacrifice the lives of his innocent people – Men, women and children; he is ready to destroy the oil wealth of his country by bombing the refineries and oil wells instead of leaving them behind for someone else to use them to develop the country.

One of the reasons he clamoured for the formation of African Union was to enable him become stronger if allowed to be the president of the regional body for a long time. He had been living in deceit, pretending to mean well for his country and for Africa as a whole.

Now that his people say they don’t need him anymore, the beast in him is let loose. The man who claims to love Libya so much has suddenly gathered the Armoured tanks, Jet fighters, AK47s, Bombs, etc against the people he has ruled for 42 years. What an irony! The same people he professed to love are the ones he now refers to as “Rats and Cockroaches”.

Has the tyrannical, egoistic, sadistic leader been in power for this long because he had governed so well? The answer is simply an emphatic “NO”. He only saw power as a way of building his personal empire or dynasty. This he has so far done by making his children powerful ministers under his regime: and also by crippling his country’s military thereby making the deadly paramilitary brigades under his sons to hold sway and operate unchecked.

He has so far been able to corner a huge chunk of his country’s oil revenue into his family coffers, making him and his children billionaires. The country’s wealth is controlled by the Gaddafi’s family; a large proportion of the oil money is stashed in foreign bank accounts while some are also in Arab countries, out of the reach of his own people.

Power belongs to God; it is He who chooses a leader and who also dethrones a leader. The masses have the power as well to choose who to lead them. They have spoken: Gaddafi should stop pretending that he’s not aware the people are calling for his resignation. He must stop living in self-denial. He should not blame al-Qaeda, Egypt, Afghanistan and Palestine for his trouble when in deed his own people have decided to carry out a revolution against his oppressive regime.

The Arab League and The African Union are saying that America and the West should not intervene because they want to preserve Libyan oil. But the question we should be asking is ‘What is the Arab League doing to protect the Libyan unarmed masses? What is the African Union doing to preserve the right of the people and keep them from being destroyed by the blood tasty tyrant? Something has to be done.

The world had hitherto regarded Africa as the domain of bad, autocratic, tyrannical, totalitarian leaders, but what is happening now in the Arab world – Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc may force the world to have a rethink as to where the actual bad leaders are.

Muslims have always painted themselves as the righteous and moralistic people who are providing the example of decent, moral way of behaviour to the world, condemning other religions as being unbelievers and infidels. Why is there turmour everywhere in the Islamic world today? What has made so many of their leaders to rule their people deceptively for so long a time? Why is everyone calling for political and constitutional reforms?

The fact is that most of the Islamic leaders are not telling their followers the truth. They are deceiving them and creating enmity between them and other religions, making them to see their leaders as next to Allah; when in the real sense, it is these leaders that are destroying their countries, hauling oppositions into jail, applying Sharia laws to intimidate the poor masses and box them into submitting to the tyrants, and framing up those who they see as threat to their political ambition.

It is time everyone realized who to believe and differentiate between truths and lies. Lies cannot continue for ever: one day truth would be revealed. This is the time everyone must know the truth. “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32.

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