Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Muammar gaddafi Counts Losses - His Son Dies in Air Strikes

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The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has started to count his losses following the intervention of the United Nation’s Allied Forces to save Libyans from his hands. Epakistannews reported Sunday evening that Khamis Gaddafi who was in charge of the notorious Khamis Brigade was killed in an air strike.

The Website also reported that the administrative building in Gaddafi’s Tripoli house was hit by a bomb same day. The supporters of the embattled leader have lost several armoured vehicles and machine guns to the superior air strikes of the French and American soldiers who are doing everything possible to make the stubborn leader abide by the United Nation’s resolution.

Gaddafi’s army was advancing towards Benghazi after collecting some of the cities controlled by the rebels before the Allied forces began to implement the No-fly-zone in the country.

The Libyan leader may be forced out of power in no distant time since his military machine is already being crippled by the allied forces. The recent bombardment of the country by the United Nation’s forces is already being condemned by countries like Russia, Iran and even the Arab League.

The world had watched quietly to see what the Arab League would do to alleviate the plight of the Libyan people or at least to get Muammar Gaddafi to stop his mad massacre of the innocent civilians. But they remained helpless and only kept condemning the plan by the western world to intervene in the crisis before it would assume the dimension of genocide.

The Arab League and some countries seemed to be more concerned about the Libyan oil than the citizens of the country as they kept insinuating that the reason the Western world was intervening was to steal the Libyan oil. In as much as no one would want a repeat of the protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to be repeated in Libya, the world expected these so called countries and the Arab League to at least prevail on Gaddafi to stop the blood shed.

It is important that the United Nations should do something positive to show to the world that tyranny and corrupt leadership is no longer fashionable. The intervention of the forces should send a warning signal to other sit-tight leaders that the world is watching. This is also a way of giving hope to the citizens of those countries where their leaders have been ruling with iron fists.

The wisest thing for Muammar Gaddafi to do right now is to humbly vacate his position and save his country from utter destruction, though it is late for him to step down now because he would have to face the International Criminal Court. Nevertheless, he should be manly enough to preserve the lives of the people he has ruled for 42 years and toss selfishness to the dust bin for the sake of posterity.

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