Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now That Mubarak is Gone What Happens to Egypt?

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Hosni Mubarak had told the world that one of the reasons he didn’t want to vacate office was because Egypt would be in chaos; he had said that the country would be in confusion without him. Now he is gone; what happens to the country without him?

I think Hosni Mubarak had suffered the same delusion that several African leaders have suffered from and still keep suffering from. He believed so much in himself and his family than he believed in over 60 million Egyptians.

What informed his feeling that the country would grind to a halt without him? If he died would the country cease to exist or would the country also die with him? There are several other people in Egypt that would pilot the affairs of the country successfully – the people only need to put the right persons there and the nation would move ahead without the tyrant.

He ruled his country for 30 years; made himself, his wife and children billionaires while the average Egyptians were impoverished. He had assets and money stashed away in several foreign nations. Is that the hallmark of a man who loved his country so much?

He succeeded in deceiving the people for as long as they allowed him to: the moment the people got tired of his deceits they asked for his resignation. He should have hearkened to them in the first few days instead of resorting to the use of force and rolling out armoured tanks against the same people he claimed to love so much.

If he had hearkened to the yearnings of the masses and honourably stepped down within the first few days of their protests he would have gone with his integrity intact. However, he tried to cajole them to give up their agitation by sending over 300 of them to their early graves.

The people made up their minds and as such would not be deterred by the military presence; they were no longer afraid to die because they had lived in fears for 30 years. It was time to break free from fears and timidity. It was time to hold their destiny in their hands. They all came out to demand their rights to freedom: they got what they wanted after 18 days of perseverance.

Now that Mubarak has vacated office, the military should hasten up the process to giving the people democracy that they are clamouring for. They must not think of perpetuating themselves in office: military administration is no longer in vogue. Africans don’t need military anymore, and other parts of the world do not also need them.

Countries whose leaders have been in power for ages should take a cue from Tunisia and Egypt and know that the days of those leaders are numbered. Some African countries like Libya, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Algeria, etc. should realize that the citizenry are beginning to know their rights and are ready to demand for it at any time.

People should be allowed to decide who governs them; and when they are tired with their leaders, such leaders must be ready to take a bow out of office in the interest of peace and as way of showing the world that they are men of probity.

What do you really think? Is Egypt going to break up or be in chaos without Hosni Mubarak? Or would the country be better without him?

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