Tuesday, December 6, 2011

David Cameron and Same-Sex Marriage in Nigeria

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David Cameron And Same-Sex Marriage in Nigeria

It was really surprising to hear the British Prime Minister David Cameron threatening that Britain would withdraw its aids to Nigeria should they go ahead to pass into law a bill forbidding same-sex marriage in the country.

What is not so clear here is why Britain is being so keen on ensuring that Gay marriage becomes a part of the African, nay, Nigerian tradition. One may also want to know why financial aids to the country should be withheld simply because the country is trying to maintain her cultural and religious values.

Does it mean that the financial aids provided to African continent are an indirect way of destroying the little that is left of her cultural heritage that has been tactically and systematically destroyed by the west? Or is it that Britain still believes in this 21st century that Africa cannot govern herself and should continue to depend on the west (especially Britain) to keep moving her around like a puppet or robot?

Do these people really realize the fact that Nigeria is a sovereign nation capable of taking care of herself? What actually is the standard for the world to follow, Britain, America, France, Russia or God? Should we become too tied to a country and her financial assistance as to forget and neglect God’s moral standards? Should we become Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19:4-11) because we are hungry?

Why do the advanced countries want to impose their own values on others (the emerging and underdeveloped countries) with all impunity without recourse to the fear of God? Is the British Prime Minister still living in the era of slave trade where his country came and destroyed our cultural values, carted away our artifacts and antiquities in order to enshrine their forceful and exploitative leadership?

We are tired of gifts that are provided to us by countries with ulterior motives. We are tired of behaving like Esau who sold his birth right for a plate of pottage. Whatever we know is good for us we shall follow it; we will not follow Britain like zombies.
We know what is best for us and no other country should make us go against God because they want to provide us with aids that have no eternal values. They should keep their aids for their citizens – they need them more than we do.

Our leaders should not lose sleep as a result of this threat. This might just be God’s time to liberate us from total dependence on the west for everything. If they don’t cut off their supplies we may never see the need to be truly independent and think of ways to develop ourselves further. God has provided us all we need to grow; all we need do is harness them and get the positive result that would put us on the road to technological and industrial development.

The Nigerian National Assembly has taken the right step in the right direction by outlawing same-sex marriage: they have also made it clear that the law is irrevocable. Anyone caught in the act risks 14 years imprisonment. It is the collective decision of our people. That’s what we believe in. Britain and the rest should also maintain what they believe in and stop pushing everyone around.

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